JIHAD – The Brutally Misused, Mistaken, Misinterpreted, Mocked & Hijacked Arabic Word

Jihad - The most misused and hijacked Arabic Word (Picture Courtesy: myjihad.org)

Jihad – The most misused and hijacked Arabic Word (Picture Courtesy: myjihad.org)


the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin.’

Any struggle we do against a possible sin is Jihad.

So if I stop myself from drinking Alcohol then I am doing Jihad. Every time I avoid any sin then I am doing Jihad and a person who is on a constant struggle against such sins is a Jihadi.
It might be very hard to believe for many Muslims and non-Muslims. For decades we have been hearing a different interpretation!
I guess it won’t be tough for anyone to believe or understand that the Arabs or the Arab Scholars understand the meaning of an Arabic word better than anyone else.?
If you refer to a good Arab Scholar you will understand that ‘Jihad’ actually does mean ‘the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin’ which in short are referred at certain translations as to strive or struggle. If you look at authentic Quran translations you will find the word ‘strive/struggle’ been used to refer it.
Then what was it all about the ‘holy war’ and fighting the infidels etc. ?
War in Arabic is ‘harb’. There is nothing called Holy War in Islam or Quran.
Now let us watch a video for more clarity…
The bottom line is that the word Jihad was hijacked. It was a very simple but extremely effective propaganda. If this word can be twisted then it can do wonders in manipulating Muslims.
That was exactly what has been happening and also the whole reasoning of Islam as non-peaceful (by people against Islam) is based on this misinterpretation, misuse, hijack of the word Jihad.
The word Jihad appears in Quran at a lot of places…
For example: Qur’an 49:15
The (true) believers are those only who believe in Allah and His messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Such are the sincere. (15)
Reference in Quran (from a good source)
Jahadu is a verb form of the word Jihad.
The strive mentioned here is Jihad. What is meant here is the struggle against Sins because that is what the meaning of Jihad is!. Now when the meaning is manipulated then such verses can be the best fit for misuse to bring people to terrorism and that is what has been happening in this world.! Muslims are instigated to terrorism by quoting such verses from the Qu’ran with the misinterpreted meaning of Jihad. Then it makes a lot of sense to such Muslims about actually being a martyr during such wars.!
So when we take the word ‘Jihad’ in the right sense then we will realize that now there is nowhere in the Quran where it talks bout Holy War or Violence which will make you a martyr.
One biggest problem today is the HUGE amount of people dedicated with propogandas against Islam. As reported in Time magazine dated 16th April 1979, that in a span of 150 years from 1800 to 1950 more than 60,000 books have been written against Islam. That means more than 1 book a day was been written against Islam as on 1979.
source: http://content.time.com/time/magazine/0,9263,7601790416,00.html
Imagine how much it would have multiplied after events like 9/11.!!! Today any Google search done on topics of Islam will show results with all the anti-islamic sites trying to preach about Islam, shown as the best results, because they are the most viewed/read!!!
That is the state of anti-Islamism in this world today!
My personal view is if Muslims and/or non-Muslims can get a better clarity of 2 things, then it will make a extremely surprising difference in how Islam is viewed or understood.
1. Meaning of Jihad
2. Facts of 9/11

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