So I found the best option… Walk Back Home.!

The one statement I remember always whenever I think about health is the statement which I had heard my father say a lot…

If wealth is gone then something is gone… If health is gone then everything is gone

Not that I have been a health freak, but the essence of this statement always pricks me.

I feel the age 30 – 40 is extremely critical… when you get to 40s then you enter the non-warranty stage… and you get back for how you have maintained your body and health.

For the last around 5 years I have tried various ways to be healthy and fit.

  1. Gym (early morning 4:30AM – 6AM)
  2. Weekend Cycling (Long distances… max was 110KMs)
  3. Cycling to office (A great option, surprisingly saved a lot of time Vs Car)

Gym did not work out for long. Primarily because we need to spend the dedicated extra time for it and also the extra costs. Basically there is no much time management you can apply to this option. May be if you have friends whom you go along with then may be the socializing time can be overlapped.

Weekend Cycling was superb, considering I had a wonderful group of friends. So the fun factor was high with this option. I still do this but the frequency kind of reduced as weekends are more busier than weekdays off late..! also you workout only in weekends.!

The pros of Cycling to office are many

  1. You actually save time!, considering traveling by car
  2. You burn fat, not fuel. So you save good amount of money
  3. Its an almost everyday activity. So great workout
  4. You don’t have to spend the extra time for exercise. You are using your normal travel time.

The Cons of Cycling to office are a few

  1. The pollution of Bangalore
  2. You will want to take a bath from office after you reach
  3. Trouble during monsoon season
  4. Night time riding might be a little dangerous

December 2015, I started gaining interest in small long distance walking, like 4 to 5 kms. So decided to dedicate 2016 towards good health with the plan to work out a good daily walking schedule.

I started walking around 7kms in the evening, a route around BTM-Bannergatta Road-BTM. This went for almost a week.

It was then when I noticed an advertisement at office about OLA Shuttle. The plan to use a public transport to office than driving alone in a car was always in my mind.

Now it was time to tryout a few combinations and options. The one with which I hit the bulls eye was

  1. Travel to office in a public transport (OLA Shuttle in my case)
  2. WALK BACK HOME in the evening

Its a distance of near 8KMs, but a sweaty and tired me works fine as I am back home and good for a great shower and a wonderful tea.

Never loved my wife’s wonderful tea soo much… šŸ™‚

So now,

  • I just spend around Rs. 1000/- per month for office travel (OLA Shuttle)
  • The petrol budget for office travel goes into the budget for other travel
  • I get an amazing exercise utilizing the same travel time I spend otherwise
  • I now have a better understanding of which shops are where in Koramangala and BTM than before šŸ™‚

Happy Walking Back Home !

My 2016 Pedometer Statistics till date, So Far So Good… šŸ™‚



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